Authorized College Websites

Official College Website

The main Davidson College website is

Managed by College Communications, is a key element of the college’s communication and marketing efforts and is an important vehicle for delivering information to the campus community, key stakeholders and other audiences. Learn more about

It is required that all official college-wide offices, services and academic departments have a presence on For details and requirements, please refer to:

Authorized Websites for Types of College Information

In addition to the main college website, the college supports enterprise-level websites and digital platforms intended for a specific audience, and with a mission-critical function.

These include:



Site Owner

student organizations and programs

Student Activities; Center for Civic Engagement

official course information, academic calendar and regulations

Registrar’s Office

faculty, course and student created digital projects

Digital Learning / Library

learning management system

Technology & Innovation

sports information, team pages, athletic events and ticketing

Athletics Department

personal identity websites


campus calendars, event management,
room reservations

Technology & Innovation