Standard Academic Dept. Pages

It is required that all official college academic departments maintain a primary web presence on the main college website.

The following pages are found on department or program websites. Deviation from navigation standards typically requires approval from Academic Affairs.

  • Department Homepage – one or two paragraphs providing an overview of the department, its key attributes and strengths. Department pages can also feature cover photos at the top of the page, news, events and social media icons, as well as department contact information.
  • Major(s) & Minor(s)designed to showcase the most compelling and unique aspects of pursuing a degree in the subject, content on these pages should answer the question: what makes this major/minor at Davidson stand out? what can students expect, what is the value? why should students come to Davidson to study this major/minor? Since major/minor pages appeal to prospective students, they also includes Courses You Might Take, related academic programs, and standard admission calls-to-action.
    Note: Information on these webpages should not duplicate degree requirements in the College Catalog, which is the system of record managed by the Registrar’s Office.
    • Honors Program – information about the department’s honors program
    • Course Planning –  Optional page offering information about the order in which classes should be taken in. Again, should not duplicate information in the Catalog.
  • Research – general overview of the kinds of student and faculty research and scholarship that is happening within a department. Content can highlight unique experiences and showcase students’ research endeavors. Include links to other areas of the site so students can further explore other research and scholarship opportunities. The page should not be a listing of past research papers.
  • Education Abroad – marketing information covering department-sponsored programs, information about the value of study abroad, and highlights of past study abroad experiences, outcomes, etc.
  • Internships, Careers, and Graduate School – focused on student outcomes and opportunities for graduates and provided in a narrative format.
  • Student Organizations or Student Involvementinformation about student organizations and activities commonly available to students.
  • Faculty & Staff listing of faculty and staff members within a department along with headshot photos. Each entry includes contact information, with an optional bulleted list of Primary Areas of Expertise as well as the option of indicating gender pronouns.
    • To maintain uniformity, the listing will only include the following designations: Faculty, Staff and Faculty Emeriti (if relevant). 
    • Individual faculty and staff bio pages link from the main faculty/staff listing.

Promoting Job Openings on

PageUpPeople is the system of record for employment opportunities at the college. If a department wishes to create a supplement to the job posted in PageUp, a Google doc containing the proposed supplemental information must first be reviewed and approved by the VPAA Office.

Once approved, the Google doc permissions should be set to “anyone on the internet with this link can view” and the document link should be emailed to The digital team will create a callout box on the department’s landing page containing links to both the official job post, as well as the Google doc. The callout box will be deleted following the application deadline.

An example of a standard callout box for promoting a job opening on a department landing page:

Job Opening Promotion on Landing Page Example

Additional Resources

Screenshot of Sociology Department Navigation from