Standard Academic Dept. Pages

The following pages are found on department or program websites. Deviation from navigation standards typically requires approval from Academic Affairs.
  • Department Homepageshort paragraph or two covering the focus of the department Department pages can also feature cover photos at the top of the page; news, events and social media icons, as well as department contact information.
  • Major(s) & Minor(s)information about major and major requirements
    • Honors Program – information about the department’s honors program and honors requirements
    • Course Planning –  Optional page offering information about the order in which classes should be taken in.
  • Research – general overview of the kinds of student and faculty research and scholarship that is happening within a department. This is a generalized narrative overview and not a listing of past research papers.
  • Education Abroad – marketing information covering department-sponsored programs, information about the value of study abroad, and highlights of past study abroad experiences, outcomes, etc.
  • Internships, Careers, and Graduate School – focused on student outcomes and opportunities for graduates and provided in a narrative format.
  • Student Organizations information about student organizations and activities commonly available to students.
  • Faculty & Staff listing of faculty and staff members within a department along with headshot photos. Each entry includes contact information, with an optional bulleted list of Primary Areas of Expertise.
    • Individual faculty and staff pages

Depending on the department, other standard department links include facilities and equipment, among others.

Screenshot of Sociology Department Navigation from