Davidson College’s reach extends far beyond davidson.edu to social media, video, audio, photos, and email communication. Each of these areas is an extension of the Davidson brand and the same graphic identity and brand standards that apply to davidson.edu, print projects, and other college communication and marketing materials also apply to these areas.

The posts, conversations, and interactions that happen through social media should reflect positively on the Davidson brand and uphold the college’s mission and values.

Departments and programs should post regularly to the social media websites they manage. Regular updates occur one-to-two times per week. Posting once per month or once or twice a semester does not constitute regular updates. It is better to manage a few social media accounts on a consistent basis than to manage many accounts with infrequent updates.

The college has adopted the following graphic identity and branding standards for social media websites. These standards are applicable to any Davidson College branded social media site including, but not limited to Facebook pages, Twitter, Instagram, Flickr, YouTube, Vimeo, Pinterest, SoundCloud, and similar social media sites.

Naming Conventions

Departments should use the following naming convention when naming their pages and profiles: “Davidson College Department/Program Name.” For example, Davidson College Music Department or Davidson College Entrepreneurship Initiative. Every effort should be made to start the full name with “Davidson College” wherever possible (character limitations may require some exceptions to this rule). 

Page URLS/Usernames

Usernames should incorporate Davidson College or Davidson in the name as well as the department name, e.g., @DavidsonCollegeMusic, @DavidsonMusic. Every effort should be made to start the username with “@Davidson” or “@DavidsonCollege” wherever possible (character limitations may require some exceptions to this rule). Departments should also make an effort to keep their usernames consistent across platforms wherever possible.

Profile Image

Davidson College social media profile example.Davidson College social media profile example.Most social media platforms accept a profile image that fits in either a square and circular form (see examples below). The profile image for any Davidson branded social media profile image must be a Davidson specific image that represents Davidson College generally or the department specifically and shall also include the word “Davidson” in white (utilizing the top portion of the Davidson logo) on a red background (HEX#:ac1a2f).

Departments can request to have a custom profile picture created for their social profiles by sending an email to social@davidson.edu or by reaching out directly to the social media and digital content strategist.

Cover Image

Cover photos should be a Davidson campus image that represents the department or program, e.g., photo of Chambers building or other campus building, campus scene, or department-related image. The image should be of high quality and professional in appearance. Photos that are blurry, pixelated, underexposed, overexposed, contain the Davidson logo, large blocks of text or “red eye,” and subject matter that is questionable or inappropriate should be avoided.

Some platforms allow for a slideshow or cover video instead of a single photo. If this option is chosen, the content should remain representative of Davidson College generally or the department specifically.

Departments can request assistance with selecting a cover photo, slideshow or video by sending an email to social@davidson.edu.

Bio / Profile Data

Most platforms allow for an “About” section where information can be listed about a department, including a URL to the department website. The data provided in this section should be complete and should mirror the public data available on the department website.

Links to Department Social Media Websites

Links to department social media websites from department webpages are conditional. Department social media sites must show a consistent history of regular updates over the course of a semester and must be in compliance with college graphic identity standards before the digital staff will link to such accounts or pull feeds into department websites.

Compliance with Social Media Standards and Guidelines

Departments should be familiar with and adhere to Davidson College’s social media guidelines. Departments found out of compliance will be notified as such and recommendations provided to bring into compliance. If a social media site remains out of compliance then all links and feeds to that social media site posted on Davidson.edu will be removed and the department risks not having their social media content shared via the college’s main institutional accounts.

Departments who wish to pull any of their social media site content into the college’s content management system (CMS) must first provide digital communications staff administrative access to each social media site. The department social media site must also be in compliance with college graphic identity and brand standards.

Requesting Assistance

Ask the digital communications staff for assistance in setting up social media sites by sending an email to social@davidson.edu.