Project Checklist

After submitting your request, the design team will schedule an intake meeting to discuss your project. The meeting enables everyone involved in the project to get a thorough understanding of the project. Generally, this meeting is a time to discuss and clarify topics on the Creative Brief below, scope of the project and to reach agreement on timeline, budget and approach.

Creative Brief

  • Purpose of the piece
  • Audience for the piece
  • Delivery date
  • Budget
  • Distribution
  • Text preparation
  • Photography/Artwork
  • All pieces of the project (reply cards, electronic files, envelope, etc.)

Writing and Editing

Unless requested otherwise, writing text for publications is the responsibility of the department that initiates a publication. College Communications will edit the text for consistency, messaging, completeness, grammar, punctuation and to comply with the Davidson College Style Guide. They style guide is a reference tool that helps eliminate inconsistencies in spelling, punctuation and grammar. Davidson College’s style guide conforms to best practices of today’s academic, public relations and news authorities. It follows conventions outlined in the Associated Press AP Stylebook and Webster’s New World College Dictionary.

Submitting Text

  • Be sure to check all text thoroughly before submitting it for design.
  • Have your text approved by those who need to do so before submitting it for design.
  • Do not format your text other than to break it up into paragraphs and/or sections.
  • Type the text single single-spaced in a Microsoft Word document.
  • Use upper and lower case, not all caps.
  • Include text for all materials that will be needed in the final product (headers, photo captions, web addresses, contact information, return addresses, reply card text, etc.).
  • If you are updating an existing printed piece with only minor edits, mark the edits on a hard copy and submit that to the design team. If major edits are required, type only the new information in Microsoft Word for submission.

Photography and Artwork

College Communications has a database of campus photography that is available for use in most publications. But if photos of specific events, topics or people are required, please let us know. We are happy to do project-specific photography when feasible, and we will need your help in obtaining models, props, setting up situations, etc. Please note that scheduling photo shoots will add time to the production schedule.

If you are submitting your own photography, please make sure that the images are high-resolution / print quality and how / where images should be used specifically within the publication if necessary.