Photography Standards

Photography that meets a high professional standard plays a critical role in creating a positive image of Davidson College. The photographic images used in print and digital communications should inspire prospective and current students, parents, and faculty and staff make a connection with the people and activities depicted and they should make alumni feel proud of their connection with Davidson.

To achieve these goals, when posting photos on the site, use primarily documentary-style photography that captures the authentic and vibrant interactions among students and among students and faculty. It is important to show a range of genders, ethnic backgrounds, and races, but try to avoid artificial-looking situations that are obviously trying to communicate diversity.

The use of clip art and low-end graphics should be avoided. See the Davidson College Graphic Identity Standards for additional guidance.

All photography will be reviewed for quality professional standards prior to use. Photos found not meeting quality expectations will be identified and discussed with departments.

College Communications, working in concert with clients at the college, will assist in the selection and offer recommendations for photos to be used in print and digital communications.

Photography Requests

Submit a request for photography services. Requests should be made as early as possible but must be made at least seven business days in advance of an event or photo shoot. All requests are subject to approval by the Communications and Public Affairs Office.