Video & Audio Recording Policy

The primary focus of the College Communications office is telling the Davidson story, advancing the Davidson brand, and strategically promoting the college’s people, programs, ideals, and mission to an array of audiences in a compelling and effective way.

We produce marketing content in a variety of formats, including written stories, photography, video and audio, to help engage prospective students and their families, current students, alumni, donors and friends of the college on a broad scale.

Because the primary focus of our office is to create content that supports the institution’s marketing, branding, student recruitment and fundraising goals, we do not have the resources to devote to filming and/or audio recording the vast majority of college events. The marquee lectures we do record are: the Wearn, Reynolds, Smith and Conarroe lectures. Decisions regarding other recording requests rest with the College Communications staff.

Our office does not record events for archival or classroom instructional purposes as those do not fit within our primary purpose.

Video & Audio Recording Requests

Prerecorded Video Requests

If your event has broad distribution potential and you would like to discuss the possibility of recording, please contact Lisa Patterson at and Gary Bartholomew at We will then discuss with you the nature of the project, and if we agree to move forward, we will ask you to complete a video questionnaire, provided by Lisa Patterson via email. The completed questionnaire will provide all necessary information to move forward with scheduling and filming.

Examples of marketing video projects that fit within the primary purpose of College Communications include but are not limited to: messages about fundraising priorities (i.e. the Academic Neighborhood, scholarships, athletics), thank-you and stewardship videos to donors, Reunion promotional pieces and student testimonials for admission purposes.

If you feel your event should be considered as a marquee event with broad distribution potential, and you would like to request that it be recorded, please contact Lisa Patterson at or 704-894-2130, and provide the necessary information.

Live Streaming Video Requests

Live streaming is a powerful tool that can drive video views and social media engagement by essentially bringing into “the room” viewers who otherwise might not be able to attend or participate in the event being streamed. College Communications provides information about live streaming options including basic live streams done by departments using a single smartphone to advanced/professional live streams requiring 3-5 people, professional cameras, audio, lighting, etc.

Selectivity in Which Events are Professionally Live Streamed
Given the complexity and large number of staff required to produce an advanced/professional live stream, College Communications is very selective in which events are professionally live streamed.


To request an audio recording, email We will discuss with you the nature of the project, and if we agree to move forward, we will ask you to complete an audio recording request questionnaire. The completed questionnaire will provide all necessary information to move forward with scheduling and recording, including a speaker permission form.

Recording for Academic or Instructional Purposes

Video and audio recordings for instruction and research should be directed to T&I instructional technology staff. Academic multimedia services are limited to blended learning, multimedia development for digital scholarship, and in-class instruction for digital storytelling. Academic departments needing to archive external events are advised to partner with work-study students for those recordings. Those preferring professional video productions can outsource the work to freelance operations in the area.

Camera and audio recording equipment is also limited, with priority given to digital scholarship projects. Cameras and audio recorders may or may not be available at a given time.

Recording & Editing Your Own Audio

Departments that have frequent needs to audio record events may want to consider purchasing digital audio recorders. College Communications has prepared a list of recommended audio recorders, SD cards, cables, and other materials.

Free or low-cost audio editing software is also available, including Audacity (Windows and Mac) and GarageBand (Mac). training is available for free to all Davidson faculty and staff members and students and offers instruction on how to edit audio using Audacity and GarageBand.

Captioning & Transcripts

All videos posted to the Davidson website or to associated college social media and video sites are required by federal accessibility requirements to include captions so they are accessible to the hearing impaired.

Like video, all audio or audio podcasts added to the Davidson website or associated college social media or audio sites must be fully accessible to the hearing impaired. All audio files must include text transcripts so they comply with federal accessibility requirements.

A captioned version of a live streamed video should be made available within 24 hours of when the original stream was live.

The additional benefit of offering captioned videos and audio transcripts is that the video is searchable and the content typically ranks higher in search results due to improved search engine optimization