Davidson’s visual identity relies on nimble typefaces that speak to different audiences and applications while maintaining consistent through lines.

Please refer to the brand guidelines for more details.


Libre Caslon Text, Inter and Archivo are Google Fonts that are are free to use. 

Helvetica is an acceptable substitute and is available in Mac OS.

The use of Archivo is ideal as a free Google Font replacement for the accent typeface Nimbus Sans. Use Extra Condensed, Semi Extended, and Extended styles.

a sample of the archivo semi extended typeface

Licensed Fonts

Our design system prioritizes free and open source fonts. In select cases, it may be appropriate for vendors or designers to use Davidson’s premium typefaces (Signifier and Nimbus Sans) in marketing or promotional materials.

These typefaces are detailed below.

Typographic Voice

Davidson’s typography suite was designed to be used broadly, for athletics and academics alike. Please use the below examples as a reference when creating new materials.

Premium Typefaces

The fonts in this section require an Adobe CC subscription or font license to use. Please contact College Communications for licensing inquiries.

Signifier is a modern reimagining of 17th century Fell Types from by Klim Type Foundry. Much like our logotype, Signifier feels like modern interpretation of a historical craft.

Nimbus Sans is a modern workhorse sans-serif typeface based on Helvetica. It is published by Germany-based foundry URW++. It is highly readable and adaptable to many situations.

Accent Typefaces

Our accent typefaces are also part of the Nimbus family, with both condensed and extended forms that provide variety.