Logos & Marks

The wordmark, monogram, and logo are essential elements of our brand identity. Logos and marks are for authorized use only, in accordance with the college’s Brand Guidelines (PDF).

It is prohibited to alter, crop or in any way manipulate Davidson’s logos and marks. For questions, please contact College Communications.

Primary Logo Lockup

The primary logo lockup is the foundation of Davidson’s brand identity. This logo should be used first and foremost when representing Davidson College.

We use our primary brand colors for our logo. When possible, we use a two-color application for our logo lockup, but it is acceptable to use a single color version.

Single Color

Logo Alternates

Used less frequently, these alternate lockups allow for maintained consistency and clarity when spacial constraints arise.

Horizontal Lockup

Use when a more horizontal orientation is needed. This lockup situates the monogram to the left of the wordmark.

Monogram Weighted Lockup

When a more square form is needed, a lockup that lends more weight to the monogram can be used.


The wordmark lettering is a custom-designed Roman-style serif, that uses both “Davidson” and “College” stacked and centered.


In select cases, the monogram may be used without the wordmark when the Davidson College context is clear. Contact the office of College Communications to use this asset.

The Wildcat

Ears back and teeth drawn, the wildcat captures the energy and ferocity of Davidson’s student-athletes.

The wildcat is not a logo; it is a secondary mark that, depending on the context, should be used in conjunction with the primary Davidson College wordmark and/or DC monogram. 

The default version of the wildcat is full color using black, white, red and taupe. There are also an array of color variations for use on approved background colors. The line work should not be altered and the background color must correspond to the correct design file. For licensing inquiries, please contact Jordan Duncan, Director of Marketing & Licensing.

Color Variations

Sub-Brand Identity

Davidson’s brand is designed to encompass the many areas of our community—such as academic departments, sub-brands and initiatives—while maintaining a sense of continuity and hierarchy.

The primary lockup should be used whenever possible. In some cases, it can be appropriate to express individuality while maintaining core identity standards.

Social Media Icons

College-affiliated social media accounts, such as those for departments or services, may download icons for use on Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok.

Assets are custom for each sub-brand and feature the monogram on a red or white background. Athletics accounts have the option of using the wildcat head in place of the monogram.

Black icons are reserved for the college’s primary accounts only (@DavidsonWildcats, @DavidsonCollege). Please review the Brand Guidelines (PDF) for more details.

For more information on social media accounts, please visit Setting Up Social Accounts. If you need a new icon created, please contact College Communications.

Spirit Marks

Spirit marks are part of our brand toolkit used for specific applications. Please contact the office of College Communications to use these assets.