You will see it on web pages, posters, tweets, hats, email signatures and umbrellas. #DAVIDSONTRUE is the call sign of the Davidson story, the signature line when we talk about how Davidson stands apart.

#DAVIDSONTRUE is a fresh, bold organizing principle that invites Davidsonians and those soon to join our ranks to show their colors. It is drawn from Davidson’s distinctive learning and social environment – in which this community comes together to explore, examine, experience and engage.

#DAVIDSONTRUE is not just about the surface. It goes deeper. It transcends the charm of campus beauty shots. It leans into the expectations that prospective students may have about what learning in a liberal arts setting is like. It touches on how Davidson cultivates the courage to navigate the unfamiliar, to confront the big problems in the world today.

Above all, it expresses the power and potential of those who learn within a community of people who are smart, driven and kind.

Bold & Reimagined Viewbook

Our viewbook functions as a critical introduction to Davidson for prospective students and their families. It also is likely to arrive in mailboxes with a collection of viewbooks from other colleges.

To illustrate that Davidson is a truly distinct community and educational experience, we decided to make our viewbook visualy distinctive.

Davidson is not like the others. And we are taking a more distinct approach on our viewbook with bold images, black and white shots, and a range of vibrant colors so we can show prospective members of the Davidson community that we are different, and we look the part.

Scroll through the viewbook.

We bypass—on purpose—what people expect of the ‘liberal arts college’ species. Instead, we seek to share how Davidson has shaped the ambitions and experiences of those who hold this institution in their hearts.

Ads Built to Connect

Davidson’s values are what drive our tight-knit community. In our ads, we make our distinguishing values clear — a call to future Davidsonians.

Student Looks Through Microscope with Phrase "How to Learn, Not What to Know" Overlaid
Student Studying with Overlaid "Integrity=Doing right when nobody's watching."
Student Dancing with Overlaid "Leadership is not about a title."
Lab experiment with overlaid "Real truth is more about questions than answers."
Students chatting with overlaid "Spirited debaters. Best friends. One and the same."
Baseball team with overlaid "Scholar-athlete and we mean it."


The images—students, faculty and staff—and words amplify the #DavidsonTrue campaign, which confronts expectations about learning in a liberal arts college setting and touches on how learning relates to the immediate challenges in the world around us today.

We bypass what people presume they will hear from a liberal arts college. Instead, we speak precisely and passionately about what Davidson means to those who experience it, and how dramatically it has shaped their ambitions and their lives.

Truth is an elusive concept these days­ — but not at Davidson. For us, truth is not a set of answers, it’s a way of being­ — defined by deep sincerity, intellectual bravery, unquestioned integrity, fundamental decency. That’s why we decided to elevate truth and create a call we can all rally behind.

In an era when fake and real can blur, #DAVIDSONTRUE anchors into the curiosity, integrity, trust and exploration that characterize Davidson relationships and the overall college experience.

#DavidsonTrue Wordmark