Branding & Assets

2023 Update: New College Branding Project Underway

The Davidson College community can expect a change to our brand identity system, including a new college logo, which we anticipate rolling out in August. This change could affect the design of branded materials you typically order this time of year. If you can wait until late August to make orders, you will be able to use the new logo and other branding assets. Changing to the new logo campus wide will be an ongoing process and we expect that there will be overlap in Davidson branded items for several months. If it is impossible to wait to place orders, please contact Mark Johnson, chief communications and marketing officer, to discuss options.

Brand Guide Under Construction

Consistency in communications helps audiences better understand Davidson. Our Brand Guide offers guidance on our colors, logos and our typography for use in your communication efforts. 

College Style Guide

When writing copy for primary communication pieces consistency is key. Copy for brochures, catalogs, newsletters, posters, news stories, websites and digital content should adhere to the college’s editorial style guide.