The Davidson Brand

The Davidson College brand is a statement of our shared beliefs and represents our commitment to academic excellence, honor, collaboration, rigor, and lives of leadership and service. It is who we are, what we stand for, and everything we say and do—our brand is our promise.

Davidson Bar & Diamond

The bar and diamond logo is our graphic identity or signature; it represents a visual symbol of our promise. In and of itself the logo is not the Davidson College brand, yet it is used to uniquely identify and distinguish the college from other organizations. Since the first contact that people often have with Davidson is through the images and materials we produce, consistent use of the bar and diamond helps to communicate and build a clear institutional brand and name recognition.

Why Graphic Identity Standards?

Graphic identity standards are a basic set of rules for the use of our logo and other visual elements. The college produces hundreds of printed and digital communications annually that serve as “ambassadors” of the college. It is important that each of these communications share certain graphic elements and appear to be members of the same family. Not all materials must look exactly alike, but clear and consistent use of the graphic identity standards does project a unified and professional image and officially identifies your department or program as part of the college. All publications or communications (in print, via e-mail or on the Web) distributed publicly in groups larger than an individual class or student group must adhere to our graphic identity standards.

Use of Non-Compliant Logos

Davidson College has one logo, the bar and diamond. When departments, programs and events develop their own marks, the overall impact of both symbols is diluted and they are now competing with each other. The suggestion that departments or programs are attempting to differentiate themselves from others on campus is a misreading of how graphic identity works. In the public mind, Davidson College is one entity, in competition with other colleges, for resources, allegiance and new students. Asking the public to associate Davidson with several additional marks only serves to confuse our audience. The net effect of competing Davidson College “logos” is weaker overall visual identification, not stronger. One logo means we all receive positive benefits when one department or program succeeds.

How to Differentiate Departments & Programs

Departments and programs can differential themselves through good design and good copy writing. The bar and diamond merely connects your department or program to the larger shared advantage and value of the Davidson College brand. The key is identifying that audience and competition correctly so your materials are hitting their mark.

Phase Out of Non-Compliant Department Logos

As noted previously, consistency is the key to building a strong brand. Therefore, programs, departments, offices, events, etc. are not permitted to develop new or continue using existing logos or graphics that are not the Davidson College bar and diamond logo.

College Logos

Get to know and understand Davidson’s Graphic Identity Standards. The standards cover proper logo usage in print and digital projects.